Philippe Douyon, MD

Philippe Douyon, MD is a board certified Neurologist. He completed his residency in Neurology at NYU and fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology at NYP-Weill Cornell Medical College. He spent the last 6 years as an attending Neurologist/Epileptologist at Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group. Dr. Douyon is the Founder & CEO of the health, wellness, and technology company, The Inle BrainFit Institute®, which was created to improve people’s health and quality of life. One of its primary focuses is creating individualized exercise regimens based on the person’s medical and neurological needs, as well as their personal goals. Another one of its objectives is to create technology that will promote healthy living. Dr. Douyon’s BrainFit™ app, which was released in November 2018, is the first in a series of apps to help people in the pursuit of a healthy life.  It is a game designed to teach people about the impact that food and exercise have on their bodies and brains. Dr. Douyon is also the author of the book, Neuroplasticity: Your Brain’s Superpower, which speaks to the brains ability to learn, adapt, heal, and actionable steps that we can all take to maintain a healthy brain.