Aviva Chansky Guttmann

Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW, CIRT,  is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified  IMAGO Relationship Therapist and Workshop Leader. She holds over 25 years experience counseling couples, individuals, groups, organizations, and families experiencing challenges ranging from marital conflict, organizational discord, emotional intimacy, chronic and terminal illness, special needs parenting stress, forensic home studies and other areas of suffering and difficulty. She has undergone training in psychodynamic dialoguing technique and can lead group workshops which offer a safe, focused and non confrontational method of dealing with relationship conflict. Participants will be gently guided and taught by Aviva to learn this interactive process and will experience enhanced empathy, sharpened listening skills, and greater emotional understanding of any relationship dynamic. 
Aviva obtained her Bachelors Degree from Queens College of CUNY with concentrations in English and Psychology.  She earned her MSW from New York University School of Social Work. Throughout her career she has continued trainings in Sex Therapy, Energy Psychology, and is Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy through Imago Relationships International. She is also a Trained Safe Conversations Workshop Leader, which is the social action model of relationship work based on Imago Relationship Theory. 
Speaking Topics :
1- Enhancing Relationship Skills
2- Communication Skills Workshop 
3- Couples Workshop – Regaining Connection in your Partnership
4- How to Listen with Attunement
5- Listening as an Active Process
6- Conflict is Growth Trying to Happen
7- How to Enhance Joyful Aliveness in your Relationship