Caryn Isaacs

Caryn Isaacs, OG, the original private professional patient advocate started using the term in 1976 on publications that advised employees about their benefits. The Health Line Directory, a model for Participating Providers, was published for 25 years, with an advertisement for The Patient Advocate which led to Caryn’s personal phone. She continues to work directly with people who seek answers that are not addressed by the established system. 

Way before that, Caryn worked in dental practices training families to care for their health.  For several years, she acted as an executive in a health insurance company, creating one of the first computerized systems to track and analyze physician services. Since many doctors looked to Caryn for advice managing their practice, she started a company that specialized in filling underserved patient needs.  From the early days of health reform, Caryn held various leadership roles including the creation of the Follow the Money Chart that was used to explain the health financing system.  Always believing that healthcare outcomes were directly related to people having appropriate information, Caryn co-founded a Physician Owned HMO.  Finding that the health system was becoming more and more complex, Caryn started GetHealthHelp, LLC to advocate for people needing help navigating the health system.  Aging Icon is Caryn’s latest project.  It is a social media and improvisational campaign to raise awareness and appreciation for the wisdom of accomplished adults regardless of the limitations imposed by society.

Caryn Isaacs engages groups, in a fun interactive way to find the Aging Icon in you. 

You can choose from presentations on specific topics including:

 • Health Care Horror Stories and how to turn them around.

• Picking the right Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy. 

• Fraud, Embezzlement and getting your money back.

 • Party it up like you’re not limited by what’s happened. 

• Become a Professional Patient Advocate