Tina O’Keeffe

Tina O’Keeffe is the Founder and Chief Organizing Officer of Stow and Behold, LLC. Founded in 2013, Stow and Behold provides professional organizing services to both residential and commercial clients who seek to reduce clutter, optimize space and restore happiness to their homes and offices.  
As a Returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine, 2003-05 – Economic Development and Youth Development Program), Tina has made a commitment to serving others.  Her work as a professional organizer reflects an unwavering desire to make the lives of her clients better by increasing productivity, efficiency and comfort.  In addition to excellent service, Stow and Behold offers clients trust, reliability and efficiency in a friendly, approachable style.

Prior to her work as a professional organizer, Tina’s career was in writing. She worked as a Public Relations Account Executive at Domus, Inc. in Philadelphia and as a Communications Consultant for SAP Global Marketing in NYC.  She also has extensive experience in grant writing and non-profit project management through her work with the Peace Corps and various pro-bono clients.  She also worked independently as a copywriter under the umbrella LookOut Communications.  Tina is a published author of poetry and prose under the pen name Cristina T. Lopez.  Her book, Finding Francis, was published in 2003. 

Tina graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in Arts from the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Communications (Annenberg School of Communications) and English Literature (College of Arts and Sciences) with a concentration in Marketing (Wharton School of Business).  She currently resides in Stewart Manor, Long Island with her husband, Thomas, and three daughters (Dalia, Juliana and Patricia).