Luke Moon

Luke Moon is Deputy Director of the Philos Project. For over 25 years, Luke has been a teacher, writer, and advocate on a variety of social, religious, and political issues. Before coming to the Philos Project, Luke served with Youth with a Mission where he taught young adults how to study and teach the bible, fought human trafficking, and led reconciliation initiatives around the world. From there he moved with his family to Washington DC where he worked as business manager for the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

For the last decade Luke has focused his attention on raising awareness about persecuted Christians in the Middle East and encouraging Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people. Luke holds a BA in Biblical Studies from University of the Nations and an MA in Global Politics from Regent University. He is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister. His writing has been featured in The Tower, JNS, The Christian Post, The Federalist, The Forward, Juicy Ecumenism, Washington Examiner, and Providence Magazine.

Here are some links to videos of Mr. Moon’s past presentations:

JBS – Eye on Israel feature: (159) Eye on Israel: “The Philos Project” (Christian Support) – YouTube

Tablet article about PAL: Allied Forces – Tablet Magazine

Short video on PAL: (159) The Philos Action League: Christians Supporting the Jewish People – YouTube

Luke is available to speak on the following topics:

The history of Christian antisemitism

Modern antisemitism and it’s sources

Jewish – Christian relations