Kelly Tallaksen

Kelly Tallaksen, Hypnotist

Kelly Tallaksen is a board-certified hypnotist under the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), specializing in transpersonal hypnosis, an NGH hypnosis instructor and President of the Long Island NGH Chapter. Kelly teaches basic and advanced hypnosis courses and is a writer and lecturer on healing the shadow of the soul and reconnecting to our divine selves. Kelly is also trained in Holistic Psychology, Parts Healing & Integration, Age Regression, HeartMath™, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Regression, Lives Between Lives Spiritual Healing and the Ho’oponopono. Kelly is the author of the published books “The Voiceless Soul” and “Healing Our Unhealed Parts” and has published articles with,,, and  In Kelly’s daily practice, she works with clients one on one to locate and heal unresolved emotional trauma from the past and guides her clients into a deep spiritual experience with their true divine selves to resolve the conflict between their true-self and their false-self created by the human experiences of fear.

Kelly is available to speak on any of the following topics:

1. How does trauma get trapped in the body?

2. What keeps repressed memories below our awareness?

3. Why is it difficult for the body to let go of trapped trauma?

4. How does unhealed pain from childhood play out in our adult relationships?

5. Why is compassion necessary before true forgiveness can take place?

6. How can someone release trauma that is below conscious awareness?