Shmuel Reichman

Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach who has traveled the world inspiring thousands of people at live events.

After suffering from a near death experience, overcoming heartbreak, and experiencing multiple medical difficulties, Shmuel began asking himself the questions he never before considered: “Am I living with purpose? Why was I put in this world? What difference am I creating with this life I’ve been given?” This led him on a spiritual journey of self-development, with many years full of both personal struggles and breakthroughs, and ultimately to his life’s mission of helping others find their inner purpose and live their greatest lives.

Shmuel has spent his life researching psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and leadership. He has become a sought-after speaker, an in-demand coach, a popular writer, and a pioneer in the field of online education. Shmuel’s passion is spreading wisdom worldwide, and his social media posts have reached over one hundred thousand people every single month.

His inspirational videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people and his online courses have revolutionized the way self-development is being taught.

Shmuel’s innovative speaking approach engages audiences of any size with interactive exercises, inspirational stories, and powerful ideas. Shmuel believes in the power of synthesizing inspiration with knowledge, realizing that people need to go through emotional and internal experiences in order to relate to and apply knowledge. Shmuel therefore ensures that his sessions are created with the audience at the center.

Shmuel is available to speak on any aspect of self-development, high-performance, psychology, spirituality, or leadership. 

Topics Include:

Purpose: Finding and Living It

Press Pause: Well-Being for the Always On

Resilience: The Art of Growing When you Want to Give Up

Conscious Living in a Chaotic World