Speakers – Health

Here you will find short descriptions and links to more information on speakers whose expertise relates to physical or mental health and fitness.

Marina Bedrossian is a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Functional Nutritionist, owner of Ingredients For Health.  She specializes in holistic family nutrition, nutrition for autism spectrum disorders and food sensitivities.

Dr. Monica Bennett, Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Life Success Consultant

Amiel Cohen, Health and Eating Psychology Coach

Ilene Corina is the President and founder of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

Adria Goldman Gross is a renowned figure throughout the country for her unique talent as a Medical Claim Advocate, dealing with complex medical billing put forth by the interface of the health care delivery system and insurance market place.

Caryn Isaacs, Board Certified Patient Advocate is a unique resource for older adults who do not have anyone to help them to accomplish their preferred lifestyle going forward.

Yulandie Latham provides health care trainings, assessments, home care business operations consulting and is available to speak on related topics.

Jennifer Shapiro-Lee, LCSW-R, is an Ivy League educated Psychotherapist, a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, and a Mindfulness in the Workplace Trainer.

Dr. Debi Silber, President, Debi Silber Companies, LLC, The Silber Center for Personal Growth and Healing, The PBT Institute

Desiree Sykes is the Founder of Ness Behavioral Consulting, who helps children with developmental delays and their families to improve their quality of life.

Kelly Tallaksen is a Board Certified Hypnotist and published author who helps people to free themselves from past trauma, anxiety and fear.

Miriam Yerushalmi holds an MS in Psychology and Family Therapy. She  combines behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology, offering a unique perspective on essential life issues, ranging from relationships and parenting to self improvement.